Some quick facts about Tajikistan

  • Tajikistan is located over Afghanistan, with Kyrgyzstan above it, China on the east, and Uzbekistan to the west
  • The capital is Dushanbe (pronounced doo-shawn-bay)
  • 60% of the population is living below the poverty line (stat: 2006)
  • The country gained independence in 1991, and in the ensuing five-year civil war, up to 50,000 people were killed and over one-tenth of the population fled the country.
  • Tajikistan's population is about equal to Quebec's but in an area about one tenth the size.
  • The population is 95% Sunni Muslim, 3% Shi'a and 2% other
  • Most of the country's power is hydroelectric, so it faces severe electricity shortages during the winter. Citizens have as little as 2 hours of electricity per day
  • Tajikistan's few natural resources include hydroelectric energy, aluminum and cotton
  • The country is currently facing a food and energy shortage, as well as flooding and avalanches as the snow melts.

Sources: U.S Department of State, UN Central Emergency Response Fund,

Now that we have a location...

I have the yogathon up on Facebook as Spring Day of Yoga. Please add it to your events, and share it with others.

My amazing friend Alana has just made up our first posters for the event! I'll try to figure out how to include them here. Feel free to print them off and post them once they're up.

I'm still looking for teachers. Malcolm McLean has been on board from the start, and two others who may participate are Jen from Spa Zazen and Marc-Joseph Chalfoun who runs the Montreal Yoga Meet-up Group. Keep your fingers crossed that they're able to join us!